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Red Leather Tassel Keychain
Red Leather Tassel Keychain

Red Leather Tassel Keychain

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Bold Allure: Red Leather Tassel Keychain

Craft a bold statement with our Red Leather Tassel Keychain, a vibrant accessory designed for the fashionably daring. This keychain is a convergence of function and flair, featuring a rich red leather that's impossible to overlook. The tassel's multiple leather strands drape with an elegant grace, each move revealing the quality of the material and craftsmanship.

The style of this keychain is undeniably dynamic. Its fiery red color makes it more than an ordinary item—it's a standout piece that adds a splash of color and personality to your daily routine. The gold-tone hardware complements the red leather, ensuring that this keychain is not only stylish but also robust and reliable.

Whether it's clipped to your keys, purse, or backpack, this Red Leather Tassel Keychain is designed to be noticed. It's perfect for those who appreciate accessories that are both practical and posh. The touch of red serves as a symbol of confidence and is sure to kindle conversations and admiration.

Make the Red Leather Tassel Keychain yours today and inject a dose of daring into your everyday. It's more than a keychain—it's a small testament to your bold taste and stylish sensibilities. Click to order and let this vibrant tassel lead the way to a more colorful life.


An exceptional Red Leather Tassel Keychain

  • Top-quality, smooth-grained microfibre vegan leather : patiently worked using 7 exacting traditional processes to achieve this high-end look, rich colour and soft-touch texture. Resistant to moisture, acid, sunlight, torsion, temperature and alkalis: this solid, authentic leather is specially designed for years of everyday use. The seams are reinforced with 6-6 polyamide thread.
  • Hardened Z-A4 G metal alloy : strong, light (200g/m2), rust and corrosion resistant. A material designed for the long term, also used in the aerospace industry for its excellent structural performance. A meticulous, scratch-resistant, homogeneous electroplated finish ensures that this jewel retains its brilliant colour without fading.
  • Secure carabiner with a modern design : easily attach and detach your keys in half a second thanks to its quick-release mechanism. Proven by stringent durability testing: mechanism tested over 25,550 open/close cycles (equivalent to 7 uses a day for 10 years).
  • Dimensions : Thanks to its size (13,6 cm / 5.3 in) and light weight (30g / 1.2 oz - the equivalent of about 5 U.S. quarters), this key ring is easy to hold. It slips into your pocket or bag without adding unnecessary bulk. Perfect for organising your keys and finding them quickly.